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The Institute of Law and Academic Studies Limited (ILASL) is a private tertiary level education provider in Trinidad and Tobago. Currently, two programmes are offered: (i) the University of London Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree and (ii) the University of London Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE Common Law). The founder of this institution is Gail Narinesingh who served as Principal and Lecturer of ILASL from the school’s inception back in February 1999. Gail Narinesingh has had a distinguished teaching career having guest lectured at Staffordshire University, UK and Awardee of an Honourary Doctorate from Staffordshire University, UK in 2010. ILAS is now headed by Mr. Reagan Rowans who was appointed Principal in October 2018. Mr. Rowans has been a lecturer at ILAS since 2007, and served as Vice-Principal between 2010 – 2018. Mr. Rowans is also a qualified Attorney at Law, having been called to the Bar of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago since 2009.

2023 marks ILASL’s 24th anniversary, having commenced operations in February of 1999. ILASL’s student population then was 100 and was registered as a business in June 1999. The present student population stands at approximately 300 with more that 60% attending as part-time students. The institution can effectively service its stakeholders in all areas such as provision of competent lecturing staff, adequate lecturing sessions and student accommodation enhanced by supportive office staff and general facilities, including for the provision of online learning and teaching.

In 2000, an application was made to have the institution registered with the Ministry of Education, Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. However, there was no Curriculum Officer in the Ministry of Education to assess the Law programme and as a result the applicants were asked to refer the application to the Committee on the Recognition of Degrees (CORD). The information obtained from CORD was that there were no formal systems in place to deal with the application, and it was only in 2004 under the then Ministry of Science Technology and Tertiary Education (MSTTE), (later – Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training (MTEST); and now the Ministry of Education (MoE)) that Approval for Provisional Registration Status (APRS) was obtained. ILASL’s agreement with MTEST (MoE) under the GATE programme is renewed every three (3) years.

With the establishment of the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT), there is now a formal and authorized body to deal with the registration of post-secondary and tertiary institutions and providers, as well as the accreditation of institutions and programmes. ILASL currently offers two undergraduate law programmes – Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE Common Law). The Awarding Body is the internationally accredited University of London.  The University of London is also a registered Tertiary Level education provider with the ACTT.

ILASL submitted its first application for registration in February 2008 and in April 2009 was granted registration for a period of one (1) year. This period ran until April 2010. ILASL was re-registered by ACTT in April 2010, April 2013, April 2016, and then again in April 2019.

ILASL is a Recognised Teaching Centre for the University of London since the University introduced its recognition framework in 2009. ILASL’s recognition status with the university was confirmed in 2012 and again in 2016.

ILASL is also an International Partner of the University of Law, UK (ULaw) for the online Legal Practice Course and the Masters in Law programme, since July 2020.

Today, ILASL is a well-established institution. In its relatively short period of operation ILASL has turned out more than 2500 graduates including new tertiary graduates as well as continuing professionals such as teachers, doctors, businessmen and politicians. ILASL continues to encourage students to aspire to greater achievements. In 2022, there were 64 LLB and CertHE Common law graduates. Their achievements were celebrated at ILASL’s annual Graduation Ceremony

ILASL’s students continue to rank among the highest achievers – having been awarded 14 world prizes since 1999. In 2014, ILASL received all four of the Academic Achievement awards awarded by UoL to the top year-one students in Trinidad and Tobago. ILASL also scored the highest marks in Trinidad and Tobago in Public law, CLRI, Contract law and Equity and Trusts – in 2014. In 2015, ILASL improved upon its previous performance, again achieving all four of the Academic Achievement awards in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as achieving awards for the highest marks in Public law, CLRI, Contract law, Equity and Trusts and Tort law. In 2016 and 2017, ILASL again achieved all three Academic Achievement awards granted to Trinidad and Tobago as well as scoring the highest marks in Criminal law, Public law, Tort law, Contract (LLB and CertHE Common Law). Additionally, in 2017, ILASL scored the highest mark in the world in Civil and Criminal Procedure. In 2018, ILASL again topped the world, this time in Public law. ILASL also placed in the top 10 in the world in Criminal law.  In 2019 ILAS again topped the world with 2 students scoring the highest mark in Civil and criminal procedure, and again in 2021, when 4 of our students topped the world in Civil and criminal procedure, Contract law and Family law. Our students then go on to perform well consistently. In June 2012, three (3) former ILAS students topped the Hugh Wooding Law School Year 1 exams – obtaining straight A’s in all courses. In 2013, two of them were at the top, with one of them graduating in first place. In 2014, another graduated second. Our students also excel at UK universities where they pursue vocational studies. In 2016, an ILASL alumnus placed first overall in the Staffordshire University LPC qualification. Since then, numerous other students have performed with distinction, including first place at De Montford University, Leicester for the online LPC programme.

ILAS has also excelled in debating, placing second in 2017 and 2018 at the Securities Exchange Commission Clash of the Debate Titans Tertiary Competitions.

These achievements are in addition to the many and varied co- and extra-curricular activities that students part take in thereby giving them the competitive advantage in a profession that values skills and attributes, in addition to academic excellence.

In January 2019, ILAS hosted the University of London Worldwide Conversation on Women in Higher Education and Equality in the Workplace. This Conversation, streamed live online, was in celebration of the University of London 150th anniversary of accepting women into the university, the first to do so in the UK. It was also an opportunity to address issues of gender equality in our local and regional context. ILAS was the only recognised centre in the Caribbean to host this event, and one of the few in the World. The Keynote Address was delivered by Professor Patricia Mohammed, Professor of Gender and Cultural Studies and Director of Graduate Studies and Research, UWI, St. Augustine.

In December 2018, ILASL was granted the University of London Development Grant Funding.

ILASL has also held a legal aid clinic for members of the public, as well as yearly instalments of a free Street law course for secondary school students, working professions, and general members of the public as part of its outreach programme. This free course continued online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why study with ILAS


Institute of Law and Academic Studies (ILAS) offers a fresh and unique approach to lecturing with more study options and greater flexibility. We provide the support and guidance that students need to achieve their full potential.

The Institute is located in the heart of Chaguanas, Trinidad. This central location allows for convenient access from all parts of the country. In addition, the various major transportation hubs are in close proximity to the Institute, making public transport a very attractive option.

Our courses are subject to continuous review and development and they are also offered by distance learning.

For students attending for tuition at the Institute, we provide comfortably furnished and well-maintained premises with excellent teaching and ancillary facilities. Our library is also stocked with a comprehensive range of books suited to all aspects of the courses taught at the Institute as well as the comparative materials of the Commonwealth Caribbean.

We have always aimed to give value for money, providing high-quality education at competitive prices. We are convinced that we offer the most cost-effective programs available in Trinidad and Tobago.

Specialization in Law ONLY

Thereby allowing students a greater opportunity to attain a high class of Degree as well as a practical understanding of the law.

Greater Interaction

Accessibility to the teaching and administrative staff is a key ingredient of efficiency and effectiveness which is a main feature of ILAS. Our philosophy is to treat the satisfaction and welfare of each student with paramount importance.

Personal Assistance

This is available for the purpose of constructing individual study timetables contoured to each student’s personal requirements in an effort to prioritize certain topics and maximize the students’ time.

Spectacular Results

With the school’s motto being “we don’t just tutor for passes we tutor for world prizes”, it’s no wonder why we continue to produce such remarkable results (see below). According to our DATABASES, there are over 600 practicing attorneys in the Caribbean and abroad who are graduates of ILAS.

Message from the Principal

Welcome to ILAS! Our students’ past and current attest to the value of the transformative experience that takes place from enrollment to graduation. This enriching experience reflects our commitment to the highest academic standards and student engagement and support within and beyond the classroom. Our consistently excellent results evidence our student-centered ethos and pedagogic values. 

Our students come from a very wide range of backgrounds and countries, including the UK, North America, and the Caribbean. The diversity of the ILAS experience is partly fueled by the unique kaleidoscope of working professionals and high school students that span ages 17 to 70. ILAS opened its doors in February 1999. As of 2018, ILAS offers tuition for the University of London Certificate of Higher Education in Common law (CertHE), Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB), and the Postgraduate Certificate in law (PGCert).

ILAS’s students continue to rank among the highest achievers having been awarded six (6) world prizes from the University of London, ILAS has received every University of London Academic Achievement Award since its inception in 2014 – a total of 11. These are awarded to students with the highest aggregate score in Trinidad and Tobago in their first year of study with the University. Over the same period, ILAS’s students also received the highest marks in Trinidad and Tobago in Public Law, Criminal law, Contract law, Equity & Trusts, Legal System and Method (formerly CLRI), and Tort law over the respective years. In 2017, ILAS achieved 19 individual First Class honors marks at the two exam sessions. Our Alumni also excel at their vocational training, they having topped UK universities as well as Hugh Wooding Law School, St. Augustine. With this in mind, we welcome you into the ILAS family. We hope that your experience would be as enriching and fulfilling as those that came before you as we facilitate deep and active learning. May success be yours!

Dr. Gail Narinesingh

Principal and Founder

Message from the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International)

The University of London International Programmes is the world’s oldest provider of degrees through flexible learning. Our internationally renowned awards have been accessible to students across the world since 1858. Today, we are proud to have more than 54,000 students in over 180 countries. 

Teaching institutions have played a central role in the success of the University of London International Programmes over the last 155 years. Not only have they helped us realize our vision of providing a life-changing, high-quality university education to those who could benefit, but they have enhanced the learning experience of countless students.

In recognition of this important role, in 2009 we introduced the Teaching Institutions Recognition Framework to formalize our relationships with teaching institutions. This framework aims to create closer links with selected high-quality teaching institutions around the world, by recognizing those that meet a set of specific quality criteria in respect to the support they provide to International Programmes students.

ILAS is a Registered Centre for the University of London International Programmes. This means that in the considered view of the University of London it demonstrates a commitment to developing high standards in respect of teaching, support to students, and administrative processes. We are delighted that ILAS is a member of our network of recognized centers and we hope that being part of this network will contribute to its ongoing development and result in an even closer relationship with the University of London International Programmes. Ultimately, this will help to ensure that International Programmes students at ILAS have a high quality and rewarding learning experience.


Dr. Mary Stiasny

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International)

University of London International Programmes