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One of our aims is to provide a diverse experience for students. We, therefore, strive to facilitate a variety of co- ad extra-curricular activities.

Great Jurisprudence debate

Since 2008, ILAS has been hosting the Great Jurisprudence Debate for final students who study the course, Jurisprudence and Legal Theory. Participating students are given a motion based on legal philosophy or legal theory, which is debated on the day of the finals. The competition compels participants to conduct in-depth research, research which is also useful for their general study of the course and undoubtedly relevant to examinations. The competition has been a huge success, three years running.

Criminal mooting competition

The Criminal Mooting Competition commenced in 2009. This competition attracts students studying criminal law and evidence. A moot court is set up and team- finalists are given briefs on the morning of the competition. Students are required to pick out the legal issues and debate them. All court protocols are observed. The proceedings are presided over by a mooting judge.

Field trips

Importance has also been attached to field trips. While we offer tuition for the English law degree, we have recognized the fact that the majority of our graduates would be employed locally. It is therefore imperative that, as far as it is possible to do so, a fusion takes place between an international degree and the local market and institutions. Field trips to the Caribbean Court of Justice have taken place thus far. In the upcoming academic year, we intend to visit the prisons. Students also attend court regularly as an organized program with the local courts.

Rallying, sports day, religious and cultural observances

Rallying is a huge feature at ILAS, with the directors being professional champions of rally competitions. It is always a fun day for students and staff members. We also host our annual Christmas luncheon for staff and students as well – as this provide an additional opportunity for the ILAS family to interact. Soon ILAS would be holding a family day for it students, staff and alumni.